Digitally Enabled Healthcare Done Right

The pandemic magnified long-standing cracks in the foundation of the U.S. healthcare system and exposed those cracks to populations that had never witnessed them before.
The crisis also exposed just how inequitable the healthcare system is for the poor and disadvantaged.
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The Covid crisis also changed healthcare for the better. Doctors, medical facilities and other front-line workers finally started meeting patients where they are: in their communities, at home and on devices.
4D Healthware is the driving force behind healthcare providers to ensure their exchange with patients is efficient, yet empathetic and mutually beneficial.

Administering Healthcare Going Forward

By leveraging 4D Healthware’s Virtual CCM™ technology platform, healthcare providers can scale quickly to move from clinics to homes, pharmacies and grocery stores, barbershops and places of worship, workplaces and online, where patients are on-the go. This doesn’t mean the elimination of traditional health care settings. Clinics will continue to play a major role in health care delivery, but for most people, these will become secondary, rather than primary, sources of care.

Welcome To The New Normal

As an FQHC, the way you must conduct business in the future is constantly evolving at speeds that are quite challenging. Your new needs to deliver healthcare where patients live and work are just that, new.
The way you engage consumers in a non-face to face way are critical to your current and future success. When you deliver the FQHC care model of today and tomorrow, the medical care you deliver will better address the root causes of poor health, including social isolation, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and mental and emotional distress.
Consider that the leader in Virtual CCM™ and remote healthcare solutions, 4D Healthware, works with healthcare providers to outfit their patients (at no charge) with digital monitoring devices. Through the devices and 4D Healthware’s proprietary platform, healthcare providers can now reach communities that are too far from the nearest clinic.
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Our platform allows you to address...

A. Patient Outcomes

Patients are reluctant more than ever to go get medical care
Patients have growing concerns about going to any medical facility due to bad personal experiences of their own or from fear which can be fostered by unfavorable media coverage about how unsafe medical facilities can be.


The fear is real
A growing number of patients are becoming opposed to getting treated at any medical facility. Mostly driven by fear and misinformation, many believe that they will contract other illnesses faster by visiting a medical facility.


Drain on personal time
Patients now spend more time in waiting rooms due to staffing issues and the facility’s operational limitations which are driven by Covid-19 protocols.


Going to see the doctor can have a real financial impact. Beyond the cost of the medical services, many patients have to miss work and as a result, lose their wages for the day because of the amount of time required to go see a doctor.

B. Staffing Issues

Exceptional level of service but no one to deliver it
You have realized that something like an epidemic can quickly turn your world upside down especially when your staff are exposed on a daily basis or impacted by extended work shifts.


Staff Burnout
Staff get burnout from working continuously without resting properly in between shifts.


Risk Of Getting Sick
Due to constant exposure to high-risk diseases and viruses, your staff can quickly shrink in size because of illness or their need to care for ill children or other family members.


Negatively Impacts the FQHC
Without staff to deliver on the services your FQHC provides, you have to close your doors or limit your services.

C. Resource Limitations

Multiple variables that keep piling up
Having less clients to see face to face, patient reluctancies or, in some cases their deaths due to epidemics, does not help the FQHC survive. Operationally, FQHC’s are dealing with the same challenges as the rest of the world as their team members and their families deal with COVID cases in their homes or other means of exposure that force clinics to observe CDC quidelines on quarantine prior to staff returning to work. It is all quite cataclysmic.


Less Face to Face Consultations
Seeing less patients face to face because they are scared to seek medical attention and/or costs to travel.


Patients Dying
The Covid-19 epidemic has created a massive surge in patients needing medical attention (especially those with underlying health issues who are at greater risk of dying from complications).


Mandatory Vaccines / Layoffs
Many federally qualified health centers across the country are facing staff shortages due to opposing views on getting vaccinated. Staff who oppose vaccination can cost the facility money.

Authentic Patient Connections Lead To Business Growth

Be less reliant on your physical location.
Give your patients more choices for getting treatment.
Integrating into 4D Healthware’s Virtual CCM™ system is easy and there is no cost for onboarding. Once you are on our platform, you can immediately connect and keep in touch with your clients, know exactly when they need to come see you and how to effectively report on each patient accurately.

Be In Touch With Your Patients Like Never Before

Imagine your FQHC continuously winning awards for being the best performing business in the state, or how many lives you saved backed by accurate data.

Become A Business That is Immune To Epidemics

Imagine that your business can become epidemic resistant by being digitally enabled the right way.

Implement A System That Allows You To Reach More Patients

Imagine you have the ability to reach all your patients in their homes (reducing their need to travel for medical attention).


Yes, you certainly could create, modify or wait to launch your own RPM program. However, we encourage you to consider the following factors:



Getting Started with 4D Healthware:

From new patient enrollment to remote monitoring, our Virtual CCM™ platform is easy to use. We integrate with your electronic health record (EHR).

Getting Started on Your Own:

How will you build your remote patient monitoring healthcare system? Priorities to consider are a user-friendly, culturally respponsive experience with encrypted information.

Get Access to Our Virtual Healthcare Staffing All Stars:

With nearly a decade of experience our staff are adept in using quickly advancing technology solutions as well as possess the warm personal skills needed to make patients feel at ease during their virtual experiences.

Finding and Training Staff on Your Own:

Hiring qualified staff is vital to the success of any healthcare
provider. However, great consideration must be given to vetting, training and monitoring staff.

We provide the Remote Patient Monitoring Devices:

We take care of storing, shipping, and repairs for RPM equipment with no cost to patients for devices.

Sourcing and Providing Your Own
Remote patient Monitoring Devices:

Sourcing and Providing Your Own Remote patient Monitoring Devices:

When getting started, give great consideration to your process in shipping, storing, and repairing each device.
4D ensures that you can provide scalable, effective, and culturally responsive care.

Let’s Join Forces

It’s time to take charge of the future of your patients, your staff and your clinic.
Let 4D Healthware drive your journey to a successful Virtual Healthcare implementation.