About 4D Healthware

Wearables, enhanced telehealth, Virtual CCM™, Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) are still relatively new and 4D Healthware is considered one of the nation’s leading virtual care service providers. Our mission is to assist insurance plans, clinics and medical facilities with providing quality remote healthcare services for all (especially in poor and disadvantaged communities).
Through our proprietary healthcare technology solutions, 4D Healthware gives you the process, equipment and software to provide care where and when it’s needed most – wherever patients are – without burdening your workflow.
We support your practice from start to finish. From determining a patient’s eligibility to performing revenue cycle management, adjudication and reconcilation, our holistic approach to patient care allows you to seamlessly transition between our various care management and preventive care offerings – allowing you to tailor the most valuable and unique care plan possible to fit each patient’s individual needs.

We provide easy-to-use devices for patients that can be integrated with any electronic healthcare record (EHR) system quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption. Our Virtual CCM™ platform allows secure, HIPAA compliant, two-way, 24-hour communications.

With the potential to deliver a 95% retention rate among engaged patients, 4D Healthware’s remote patient monitoring encourages patients to take control of their health while enabling practitioners to gather vital information between office visits. Our system also allows you to monitor your patient’s health information while increasing patient engagement from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or wherever they may be.


  • We offer a simple new-patient enrollment through 4D Healthware’s practice-tailored system
  • We provide cellular connectivity which make our devices plug-and-play ready, thus getting patients up to speed easily
  • We offer automated access to patient data
  • Through our system, you can customize notifications – no spam
  • Our system also offers a fully compliant time tracking and billing that ensures we stay on the right side of regulations


Star* Cunningham


James McClung


Sharon Ray

HR Director

Paul Burton


Angela Littrell


Jonathan Hinds, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Thom Lobe, MD

Chief Medical Innovation Officer


4D Healthware was founded in 2011 by Star Cunningham, a globally recognized expert on “Smart” (M2M Learning) systems and wearable technology. She is also regarded as a specialist in system migration, process re-engineering, high-speed Internet access product delivery and enhancement, big data collection as well as real-time analysis.
Star, who manages three chronic conditions of her own, conceived the idea for 4D Healthware after experiencing inefficient and time-wasting healthcare services. Although she had access to the best medical care in the world, Star personally experienced gaps in the healthcare system. These gaps led to longer clinical stays, medication mistakes and ER visits due to misinformation and miscommunication. As a result of those experiences, Star launched 4D Healthware with the goal of powering medical facilities through technology in order to provide healthcare to those who may not be as well educated, financially able, or connected to the same level of medical care as the wealthy.
Under Star’s leadership, 4D Healthware has been recognized as a rising star in the healthcare tech space by globally respected publications including Inc.
Magazine and Vanity Fair. 4D Healthware has also been listed in Crain’s Chicago Tech 50 and Star recognized as a Crain’s Notable Entrepreneur, a highly respected business journal in Chicago where 4D Healthware is headquartered.

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