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By Erin Callahan

CHICAGO – The American Diabetes Association of Illinois has reviewed numerous submissions for Round One of the Venture to Stop Diabetes Challenge, and has determined the Finalists, all of which will present their submission to a panel of judges at EXPO, Saturday, April 9, 2016 at McCormick Place, Lakeside Hall D.

Finalists were chosen based the following criteria: Relevance, Creativity and Innovation, Feasibility and Sustainability, Organization and Clarity.

The American Diabetes Association Venture to Stop Diabetes Challenge welcomes the following to present for a grand prize of $10,000 and favorable introductions to Association sponsors and partners, to best accelerate commercialization and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes:

4D Healthware 

4D Healthware is a population health management solution that allows patients to better manage chronic disease. Those managing Diabetes often have numerous other health issues, such as hypertension and obesity, requiring a cohesive approach to the management of their conditions and medications. 4D provides diabetic patients with the tools to self-manage their disease, helping them achieve lower A1C by analyzing individual data to provide actionable guidance and feedback via notifications and support from patient engagement advisors.


Admetsys has developed the first artificial pancreas system specifically for the needs of hospital and surgical care. The system measures blood glucose concentration in real time, creates an adaptive, computational model of each patient’s metabolism, and delivers precisely-optimized, treatment – insulin to reduce high glycemic levels and glucose to raise and support falling levels.


Benecure has created a platform that helps users manage chronic conditions using smart devices and gamification. The system is designed to promote intrinsic motivation which leads to long term behavior change.


HabitNu is an innovative smart phone or tablet based 16-week program that provides a unique, engaging, culturally sensitive and scalable diabetes prevention and management service. HabitNu combines structure, education and support from healthcare professionals to empower individuals and society.

POPS! Diabetes Care 

POPS! Diabetes Care is developing a new care model for diabetics through new mobile healthcare technology. A more convenient and painless test paired with the power of the mobile phone empowers patients for enhanced self-management. Seamless connectivity enables automatic collaboration with care providers to reduce complications. POPS! (Patient Opportunity, Payer Savings) Diabetes Care is creating a new user experience that will reduce healthcare costs and ultimately benefit patient outcomes.

Vital Simulations 

Vital Simulations™ is a health care education and software development company which creates online accelerated learning simulations to assess and validate skills, knowledge and decision-making in a safe environment that is applicable for use in professional education and health system workforce development. SiMCare™ Diabetes is an online interactive learning tool which has been proven to increase learner engagement, improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of disease management. SiMCare™ was developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and HealthPartners® Institute for Education and Research.