Changemaker: Star Cunningham

By Rebecca Taras-Lee, FW-Chicago

Nearly half of the adult population suffers from one or more chronic illnesses. By using technology and data, Star Cunningham, Founder/CEO of 4D Healthware, is changing healthcare for patients living with chronic illnesses.


Changemaker, Star Cunningham, Founder/CEO, 4D Healthware, is using technology and data to improve the lives of patients living with chronic illnesses.

With the exception of Antarctica, Cunningham’s extensive global business executive experience has taken her to every continent throughout her career. Because Cunningham understands technology and data and enjoys solving problems, she has been able to lead system migration efforts, process re-engineering programs, and improve high-speed Internet access product delivery and enhancement, big data collection and real-time analysis, thus improving the smartphone end user customer experience. Through her experience in global problem-solving and working with cutting-edge technology, she brings a unique view to the world of medicine. ”We recently closed a seed-funding round with a private equity firm and angel investors, some of which included physicians familiar with the challenges and opportunities in healthcare,” said Cunningham. “Fundraising certainly came as a challenge as a female and minority business leader, but ultimately it was validation of our product and progress. Though we have a lot of work ahead of us to reach our mission, I am proud to say that 4D Healthware is on an upward path to improving patient outcomes and increasing patient engagement, which is beneficial for physicians and the patients they care for.”