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4D Healthware Raises $610,000 in Seed Funding to Bring Health Dashboard to Sufferers of Chronic Disease

Chicago – February 22, 2016 – 4D Healthware, an online personal health dashboard specializing in chronic care management, today announced it closed a $610,000 seed investment round that included a mix of private equity and angel investors, including multiple physicians. … Continue reading

4D Healthware Raises $610K to Create a ‘Dashboard’ for Health Alerts

4D Healthware CEO Star Cunningham, one of Chicago’s only black female founders, talks about one of the biggest challenges minorities face when raising VC. Jim Dallke – Staff Writer, Chicago Inno 02/29/16 @3:24pm in Tech The venture funding statistics around African American female … Continue reading

3 Steps to Begin and Maintain a Beautiful Mentorship

STAR CUNNINGHAM CONTRIBUTOR to Entrepreneur Founder and CEO of 4D Healthware Steve Jobs was perhaps the most prolific entrepreneur in modern times. Yet even the tech genius didn’t do it all on his own. He needed a mentor — someone to … Continue reading

4D Healthware Just Took an Important Step – What’s That Mean?

By Star Cunningham Patients with chronic diseases are screaming out for help – and they are turning anywhere they can to get it. Nearly every day, I see posts on Facebook with people sharing blood glucose tests and asking the … Continue reading

Are You Leaving Money on the Table With Chronic Care Management?

In January 2015, Medicare began a generous reimbursement program for primary care physicians to better coordinate chronic conditions with patients and other providers. The idea was to give physicians, clinics and medical systems a financial incentive for helping patients manage … Continue reading

Star Interviewed On WGN Radio

Listen to our CEO, Star* Cunningham interviewed by Steve Bertrand on the Wintrust Business Lunch on WGN Radio. She explains how the 4D Healthware platform has leveraged the emergence of mobile devices, trackers and apps to deliver personalized medicine to … Continue reading

What are the Fastest-Growing Chronic Conditions?

Roughly 45 percent of the population – 133 million Americans – have at least one chronic illness. A chronic illness is an ongoing, and for the most part incurable, medical condition. Most frequently, these are illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, … Continue reading

2016 Will be a Great Year for Healthcare Innovation

2015 was a great year for the healthcare industry. Serious problems have brought serious attention, leading innovators – who were often experts in other sectors – to bring an otherwise slow-moving sector up to speed. But, so far, the groundwork … Continue reading

5 Resolutions to Get Your Chronic Condition in Check in 2016

Of the 10 top causes of death, seven are chronic diseases. Nearly half of U.S. adults live with a chronic illness; one-third of adults are considered obese; nearly 20 percent of the population smoke cigarettes; and diabetes is the most … Continue reading