The 4D Healthware team, investors and advisors are behind a singular mission, to give physicians the power to improve the health and save the lives of millions of patients with chronic illnesses.

Star* Cunningham
Founder & CEO
Gerry Clemons
Director, Brand Management
Daniel Krieglstein
Director, Behavioral Design
Nikki Orth
Co-Founder, Director, Sales and Finance
Matthys Ras
Creative Director
Gary Greyling
Co-Founder, Lead, Product Development
Sharon Moore
Practice Data Consultant
Dustin Salmons
Lead, Infrastructure
Robert Topping
Owner, Managing Member, Topping Capital‬
Allen Caviles
CIO, Bluepay, Inc
James P. Kelly, MD
Principle, Cascade Partners
Paul Morton
Partner, Walker Morton LLP
Jay Prystowsky, MD
Steve Rogers
Senior Lecturer, Harvard School of Business
James McClung
Chairman, CEO, Lismore
Lisa McClung
Managing Principal, Lismore
Leslie Anderson
SVP, BMO Harris Bank
Joel Dudley
PhD, Geneticist, Director, Biomedical Informatics, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
Aja Hardy
Consultant, Medical Device Strategy
Ray Arata
Men’s Business Coach, Inclusionary Leadership Trainer, Gender Equality Ally, Speaker, Author