4D Healthware Updates Platform to Enable Frictionless Health Data Integration, Regardless of Source

Through Partnership with Human API, Consumers Can Now Seamlessly Integrate Data From More Than 70 Healthcare Devices, Apps and Systems

CHICAGO – January 12, 2014 – 4D Healthware, a platform that provides its users with individualized healthcare recommendations throughout the day, today announced a partnership with Human API to incorporate data from more healthcare devices into its platform. For users, the partnership means that 4D Healthware’s platform can capture a more accurate, holistic view of their health, translating data from wearable devices, sensors and apps into actionable health recommendations.

“The wearable device industry is still in its infancy, yet it is growing at an astounding rate,” said Star Cunningham, founder of 4D Healthware. “It is too early to tell which devices might set the standard, so it is critical that 4D Healthware incorporate all healthcare data, regardless of the device, app or system.”

At present Human API supports more than 70 of the top health devices, apps and systems. With Human API, 4D Healthware’s platform will also incorporate additional healthcare devices even before the APIs are made available to the public.

Cunningham continues, “Our integration with Human API is a critical component of our ability to provide consumers with actionable information that enables better decisions and a healthier lifestyle. Human API is willing and eager to work with us and incorporate medical devices and sensors that have not yet been widely adopted – especially in areas like chronic disease management – which will be of tremendous value for our customers.”

“We love working with companies driven by bold missions” said Andrei Pop, CEO of Human API. “4D Healthware has set out to build a connection between raw data and informed decisions, and we’re thrilled to power that with Human API.”

To authorize 4D Healthware to accept data, users can quickly and easily link their devices via the Connect Health Data button within the 4D platform. Though granting 4D Healthware access, users maintain full control over which data sources they share at all times.

To learn more or to sign up for an account, please visit www.4dhealthware.com.

About 4D Healthware

4D Healthware is a digital health platform that empowers individuals to take control of their health.

About Human API
Human API is the easiest way for applications to integrate health data from anywhere. A fast growing list of health IT vendors, health systems, wellness companies and startups are building the next generation of data-driven healthcare applications on Human API’s unique data platform. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Eric Schmidt and Blue Run Ventures, Human API is opening the world of health data to make it more meaningful and actionable. To learn more about Human API, visit: http://www.humanapi.co.