4D Healthware Raises $610,000 in Seed Funding to Bring Health Dashboard to Sufferers of Chronic Disease

Chicago – February 22, 2016 4D Healthware, an online personal health dashboard specializing in chronic care management, today announced it closed a $610,000 seed investment round that included a mix of private equity and angel investors, including multiple physicians. The funding will help 4D Healthware accelerate the onboarding of new healthcare clinics nationwide, continue to invest in its technology and to grow its service teams.

“The healthcare landscape is experiencing a fundamental shift from a focus on reactive treatment to one that leverages real-time health data for preventative care,” said Star Cunningham, 4D Healthware founder and CEO. “Inside this new landscape, spurred by new reimbursement guidelines and the widespread adoption of fitness tracking technology, physicians, medical practices, healthcare clinics and hospital systems will find huge opportunities to lower costs and earn new recurring revenue, all while helping their patients lead healthier lives.”

Medicare’s $40 per patient monthly reimbursement for chronic care management, Cunningham explained, is one such example of the trend towards preventative, non-visit-based financing. 4D Healthware is the easiest and fastest way that physicians, clinics and hospital systems can onboard patients and track the amount of time patients spend interacting with the platform, which pulls data from more than 250 fitness trackers and other connected health devices, like Bluetooth-enabled glucometers and wireless blood pressure monitors, in order to guide patients on how to best manage their chronic condition daily.

“The healthcare industry is at crossroad; a paradigm shift has begun,” said 4D Healthware Investor and Advisor Allen Caviles. “Those companies that don’t innovate will be disrupted, and the companies that emerge will pave the path for future generations in medicine, healthcare and wellness. I expect 4D Healthware to be one of those companies.”

“From her own experience with chronic illness, Star knows first-hand the challenges in managing one’s health on a daily basis, whether that is regular adjustments to medication or frequent doctor visits – all of which can burden an already-stressed healthcare system,” said James Kelly, M.D. and investor in 4D Healthware. “With actionable insights and alerts pulled from wearable devices, 4D Healthware is a smart answer to chronic care management.”

4D Healthware is a member of the MATTER health tech accelerator and was chosen as one of 12 semifinalists in the Mayo Clinic THINK BIG Challenge.

About 4D Healthware

4D Healthware works with physicians, medical practices, healthcare clinics and hospital systems to provide patients with real-time health alerts for the chronically ill, all managed in a single dashboard.