4D Healthware Just Took an Important Step – What’s That Mean?

By Star Cunningham

Patients with chronic diseases are screaming out for help – and they are turning anywhere they can to get it. Nearly every day, I see posts on Facebook with people sharing blood glucose tests and asking the community what they should do. Sometimes, they even say they are sitting in the Emergency Room, waiting on help from overworked hospital or clinic staff.

Yet, as we mentioned last week, just 0.2 percent of the eligible Medicare population is currently being served under Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program.

Partly, inertia is to blame for this dismal adoption rate; partly, it is the fact that many healthcare organizations are not aware of the opportunity Medicare’s reimbursement presents them – to not only better serve existing chronic care patients, but to also free up staff time to better care for other patients.

Four years ago, we at 4D Healthware adopted it as our mission to help practices, clinics and hospital systems better treat those with chronic disease. We were founded with the idea that it should be as easy to check your health as it is to check your car’s health. And that’s why we’ve built a tremendous healthcare dashboard to take disparate healthcare metrics gathered by the growing world of sensors, and present patients with nudges toward behaviors that could drastically impact their health.

Today, we took an important step that will help us realize our vision: we raised $610,000 in seed funding from institutional and individual investors, including experienced entrepreneurs and physicians. More than validating our past work, this funding is an opportunity for 4D Healthware to reinvest in technology, focus on patient adoption and accelerate our growth. And we are, in fact, moving ambitiously down that road.

As 4D Investor and Advisor Allen Caviles said in our press release, “The healthcare industry is at crossroad; a paradigm shift has begun. Those companies that don’t innovate will be disrupted, and the companies that emerge will pave the path for future generations in medicine, healthcare and wellness.”

4D Healthware will innovate. We will disrupt. And we will impact how chronic care is managed in future generations.

This milestone is a great time to take a breath and thank the entire 4D Healthware team who has worked tirelessly through the past four years.

OK, enough celebrating – it’s time to get back to work.