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By Erin Callahan CHICAGO – The American Diabetes Association of Illinois has reviewed numerous submissions for Round One of the Venture to Stop Diabetes Challenge, and has determined the Finalists, all of which will present their submission to a panel … Continue reading

How Big is the Chronic Condition Market?

One word: Huge. And it’s growing. As of 2012, 117 million people in the US, or about half of all adults, have a chronic health condition. Worse still: 25 percent of the population have two or more. So, this is … Continue reading

Big Issue Minority Startup Founders Face When Raising VC (Podcast)

Chicago Inno interviews 4D Healthware CEO, Star Cunningham.

Chicago’s 4D Healthware raised a $610K seed round. Here’s why it matters.

Sam Dewey Built in Chicago on Feb 29th, 2016   The cultural influence of this year’s Academy Awards is bound to have longer-lasting effects than years past. Ever since the all-white nominations were revealed, Hollywood has been engrossed in dialogue after dialogue … Continue reading

4D Healthware Raises $610,000 in Seed Funding to Bring Health Dashboard to Sufferers of Chronic Disease

Chicago – February 22, 2016 – 4D Healthware, an online personal health dashboard specializing in chronic care management, today announced it closed a $610,000 seed investment round that included a mix of private equity and angel investors, including multiple physicians. … Continue reading

4D Healthware Raises $610K to Create a ‘Dashboard’ for Health Alerts

4D Healthware CEO Star Cunningham, one of Chicago’s only black female founders, talks about one of the biggest challenges minorities face when raising VC. Jim Dallke – Staff Writer, Chicago Inno 02/29/16 @3:24pm in Tech The venture funding statistics around African American female … Continue reading

3 Steps to Begin and Maintain a Beautiful Mentorship

STAR CUNNINGHAM CONTRIBUTOR to Entrepreneur Founder and CEO of 4D Healthware Steve Jobs was perhaps the most prolific entrepreneur in modern times. Yet even the tech genius didn’t do it all on his own. He needed a mentor — someone to … Continue reading

4D Healthware Just Took an Important Step – What’s That Mean?

By Star Cunningham Patients with chronic diseases are screaming out for help – and they are turning anywhere they can to get it. Nearly every day, I see posts on Facebook with people sharing blood glucose tests and asking the … Continue reading