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Never has science provided more solutions to the health problems we face. Yet never before has the system that provides healthcare been more disconnected, actually hindering access to the world’s best care. Health information is fragmented. Patient engagement is distracted. Preventative medicine is an afterthought. As a result, nearly half of the population suffers from one chronic disease or another, many of which are preventable. The cost in both financial and human terms is staggering.
It’s time to start treating patients like intelligent responsible individuals by providing the tools and information you need to take an active role in managing your own health. 4D Healthware is combining the most robust emerging technology; Wearable biometric sensors, smart mobile devices and health data analytics into a single platform that will engage and empower you to take part in your own healthcare. This platform serves as a guidance system for your health, delivering a constant flow of information that will uncover a path to a healthier life.
This is your personal invitation to become a pioneer in a new era of health self-management. Join 4D Healthware and take control of your health. We’ll give you and your doctors the tools and show you how easy they are to use. It’s time to stop letting health be a matter of chance and make it a matter of choice. Yours. Sign up now.
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